Data Driven Capability Building

Your business isn’t like other businesses so its training programme should be different too; boilerplate learning solutions just aren’t our thing.

We create tailored programmes that demonstrate commercial impact and result in sustainable changes over the long term.

And the best thing of all? It’s all underpinned by lovely data.

'We worked with Daedal over an eight month period, from the identification of priority skills gaps across our teams, to designing a framework to meet these needs and embed future plans.

Daedal's collaborative and curious approach is second to none and they have been a real catalyst in moving our capability forward.'

Do you ever find yourself asking these questions?

Follow these five steps to deliver the capability building your business actually needs


Present a clear eCommerce 'State of the Nation' to leadership so there is absolute clarity on why capability changes are required.


Conduct a data driven assessment of knowledge, skills and behaviour across the organisation using d-BUG's Organisation Benchmarker tool.


Create a comprehensive capability roadmap including all the (total business) Learning Journeys required to enable sustainable change.


Deliver the blended solutions required and assess commercial impact using d-BUG's Productivity Assessor tool.


Track changes in individual capabilitiy over time for all functions and seniorities using d-BUG's Skills Profiler module.

This is eCommerce training like you have never experienced before!

The Daedal team has pooled its expertise across Digital Commerce, Learning and Development and Technology to develop d-BUG, the capability resource which will plug into your business and actually deliver the step changes required.

Combining the modules of Benchmark, Unlock and Grow, we have created a data driven learning experience that will identify your precise capability gaps and then deliver the tailored and blended solutions you need.

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