Our Solutions

At Daedal we help our clients realise our vision of sustainable eCommerce growth through deployment of our proprietary products.

Daedal solutions cover four principal areas:


eJBP Builder

Deploy our eJBP Builder product to properly define, embed and execute strategic eJBPs in your business over a six month timeframe.

And whilst you’re at it make sure that your Retail Media strategy is built retailer and shopper first, brand second.


The eCategory Flywheel

Introduce the eCategory Flywheel to translate your Cat Strat to online then revolutionise how you work with eRetailers. 

Not quite there yet? Then start with fixing the eCategory basics like your PIM or range, layout and space.


Data Driven Capability Building

Boiler plate eLearning is for boiler plate businesses. 

Transform your capability building from a box ticking exercise into a strategic plan that teaches your business what they need to know to deliver sustainable eCommerce growth over the long term.


Tailored eCommerce Strategy

Invest the time needed to develop the eCommerce strategy that your business actual needs to realise its full growth potential. 

Don’t just build a strat house that looks like everyone else’s that no-one really notices.

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