eJBP Best Practice

Secure customer commitment to your growth plans by taking online business planning seriously starting now.

'We worked with Daedal over a six month period to define, embed and launch a new strategic approach to eJBPs.

Daedal spent a significant amount of time engaging the wider business which really helped conclude the project with a successful global launch.'

Failing to plan is planning to fail

‘Online’ is often an add-on to a retailer JBP and tends to focus on how much the CPG will invest in media and marketing.

The Daedal eJBP process aligns CPG and retail teams to drive significant eCom revenue growth, in efficient and
cost-effective partnerships.

Follow these five steps to transform your business's approach to business planning


Create a clear internal mandate for investing in a comprehensive eJBP strategy and how it will enhance the current planning approach.


Identify key partner markets or retail teams and deep dive the current approach versus a Best in Class standard.


Build out the full eJBP toolkit including approaches to categorisation, opportunity mapping, tradeables, data and more.


Work closely with the partner teams to build the capabilities required during live eJBP build and deployment.


Close the loop back to the annual planning cycle and scale the approach into other markets or retail teams.

Best practice retail media planning

Ensure your business thinks retailer and shopper first when it comes to defining its Retail Media approach. Don’t let those crazy brand colleagues tell you its all about the fluffy stuff.

Best Practice Retail Media Investment Planning and Execution (IPE) is not buying a nice Media Planning Platform.

Best Practice IPE is not trying to convince your marketing colleagues to lob a few quid at some of those retailer things.

Best Practice IPE is not thinking about an extension of the marketing budget.

Best Practice IPE is taking a grown up 'whole business' approach to some of the more meaty CPG structural challenges that we all know and love.

Best Practice IPE is a shopper- brand- retailer triple win that will give you genuine competitive advantage.

Best practice IPE is thinking Retailer and Shopper first, and ensuring the investment delivers the shopper objectives before the brand ones.

Best Practice eJBPs start with talking to us so do it now

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