eCategory Leadership

Sustainable eCommerce growth starts with an eCategory Leadership plan. 

'A huge amount of prep and time has been devoted to truly understand our market landscape, for both the internal and external sessions, and from this we now have very clear next steps and actions with our biggest B2C customer.

There is no doubt that we are the No. 1 eCategory partner in this space, and that's thanks to the structure and expertise you contributed.'

Transforming your Category Vision

Most businesses have a Category Vision (or Category Strategy) nowadays, and a lot of these businesses have invested significant resources to create it. 

Unfortunately, much of the effort that went into the creation has not been fully optimised, as the retail environment has moved on and let’s face it, now everyone else has a Category Vision too!  

Take the high ground again by being the first in your category to truly translate its category vision to the modern retail era. 

Follow these five steps to take the high ground in your category


Ensure your business has absolute clarity on the need to provide eCategory Leadership in your core categories.


Review your existing approach to Cat Strat, insight pool, trade relationships and internal resources.


Build a clear size of the prize for eCategory Drivers, eCategory an Blueprint and a Retailer Engagement roadmap.


Facilitate a co-creation workshop programme with key retail partners to define and deliver new executions to market.


Create a high level of visibility for the new executions in your business and feed the learnings back into the overall Cat Strat.

Try our eCategory Flywheel

Talk to us about our eCategory Flywheel and be ready to impress your colleagues and retail partners with your category thinking once more!

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