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We are a CPG eCommerce consultancy that unlocks sustainable eCommerce capability and commercial growth in our clients. 

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The Problem WE solve:

How to deliver sustainable eCommerce Growth?


We have specialisms in four areas:

eJBPs and Retail Media

Are you looking for strategic direction on eJBPs or just trying to work out how to incorporate spend into a P&L?

eCommerce Strategy

Is your strategy driving your business forward or holding it back? Build it properly, embed it thoroughly and launch it with a bang.

Capability Building

Do you want to really understand what capability building your business requires and how to make sustainable changes?

eCategory Leadership

Need to get more from the basics like a PIM, or looking for a way to revolutionise eRetailer engagement?

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The d-BUG Capability Hub

Take a data driven approach to capability building with d-BUG.

Deploy the three interconnected modules of Benchmark, Unlock and Grow to understand your precise strenghts and opportunities versus your peers, demonstrate the commercial impact of your learning, and track how your competencies improve over time.

A strategic approach to eJBPs

Most brands in most markets have an opportunity to take a more strategic approach to eJBPs (or Online Business Plans), especially in the Bricks and Clicks channel.  

For many, eJBPs are merely synonymous with a vague attempt to invest in the right Retail Media activity in the P&L; for us eJBPs are an opportunity to completely reset the basis of how you (choose to) work with your eRetailer partners.  

Not all eJBPs should be the same – that is why we always start off with a categorisation and prioritisation exercise; this then informs all the other parts of the process.   

Customer Focused
Speedy Implementation
DAEDAL eJBP graphic

The eCategory Flywheel

Supercharge your customer engagement and growth ambitions with a properly thought out and structured eCategory Strategy.  

Start with your existing Category Vision or Cat Strat and develop the eCategory Blueprint. From there springboard into the virtuous growth cycle of identifying retailer growth opportunities, setting shared ambition via an eJBP and delivering world class execution at The Digital Shelf. Fundamentally shift the dial on shopper behaviour then take the best bits and go around again…

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How do we operate?

Our mission statement is:

“To be our clients’ Partner of Choice for sustainable eCommerce Commercial and Capability growth”. 

Our Values are:

Learn about the digital shelf with Bob!

Start your eCommerce learning journey with Bob as he struggles with his emotions during his weekly shop!

And when you are ready to take the next step, we would love to talk to you about d-BUG.

Where to begin?

Knowing where to start in the rapidly changing retail environment can be a daunting prospect. Where should you focus first? How do you benchmark against your competitors? ​ Deploy our Organisation Benchmarker roadmapping tool to understand exactly where you business is today, and what it needs to focus on to turbocharge its eCommerce performance.

Case Studies

eCategory Strategy
eCom ROI Comparison
Online Code Changeover

Our experience is your advantage

We ran a pilot of the d-BUG capability hub to get a deep understanding of our business's capabilities in eCommerce - one of our strategic growth pillars. The assessment involved forty of our colleagues from functions and seniorities across the business completing a mixture of self and facilitated assessment using the online portal.

The output gave very clear data driven direction to our business on where our relative strengths and opportunities are versus an industry standard and the actions we needed to take; insight which was fundamental in defining priorities and allocating resources in our following year's plans.

Molson Coors
eCommerce Manager

We worked with Daedal to identify and articulate a new growth framework in the B2B subchannel. They deployed their proprietary tools and techniques to help us understand the size of the prize and how to activate PR brands to unlock the opportunity.

The project was a success, and gave us tangible direction on how to realise incremental commercial benefit in our business.

Pernod Ricard
Head of eBusiness

Clear examples of how to set up correct processes in running online accounts (Media matrix, eJBP, Scorecard) all of these documents are exactly what we need and we now have a clear vision of what basics we need in place to succeed.

We will be setting up the processes recommended, focusing on the priorities based on size of opportunity, measuring success of activities & online fundamentals; eJBPs for all accounts even if not substantial, choosing media based on achieving better conversion rather than getting sold banners / ineffective media bundles, articulating the size of opp & the longer term value to the internal team to get investment. We’ve seen some really strong online performance in the past few months.

Just wanted to thank you for your and your team’s help and guidance over the past year that’s helped us get here.

Gü Puds
eCommerce Lead

We have worked with Daedal over a number of years to build, and produce assets for, multi-geography Category Visions and retail execution playbooks for our teams. More recently Daedal have supported us with the creation of a web portal to enable us to share and embed best practice around the world with an engaging new angle.

I have always been impressed with Daedal’s fresh thinking, ability to work flexibly and quickly, and high standard of work. Direct manufacturer experience comes to the fore in their approach, bringing smart, positively challenging and realistic solutions to the table.

Edgewell Personal Care
Revenue Growth Director

We had our meeting with MOWI today and it went very well. Great feedback so far. One thing is having worked on the details of the deck and sheet, but once you see it presented and argumented (sic) on a live session, one realizes the quality and depth of the work we have done.

A huge part of the success of this work is thanks to you guys. Daedal has done an outstanding job and I am happy and lucky Jeannine suggested we brought you on board. Hopefully this is the first assignment together of many more to come. Thanks again for your effort and commitment and congratulations to all for a great job.

Topline Marketing
strategic partner on MOWI Global eCom Strategy project

The workshop definitely helped everyone realise that doing well online isn’t very complicated, optimise your imagery, promote and invest in reviews, invest in tagging and sponsor product positioning. {it was particularly useful to apply} to real life and working/breakout sessions discussing things as a team (which I (sic) our last session actually formed a working action plan which can now be applied to business case).

I’ve now got a shared experience to reference with my colleagues when talking about online, I think it’s given the broader team a confidence they didn’t have before when thinking about dotcom. I’m going to anchor all my requests and suggestions in the content of the course.

d-IMPACT workshop delegates

It was great to work with you- the focus you gave to the business really helped us to accelerate our capability and understanding in the world of ecomm.

So, not only did we manage to mitigate a scale risk, but the granular work Sean did with the extended team was so beneficial in accelerating the team’s ecomm capability and confidence, plus broadening our contact matrix with our key retailers. The team were a pleasure to work with! Thank you.

Mars Foods
Customer Director

Daedal created an eCommerce playbook for us and then ran a series of virtual workshops across the entire sales organisation to embed the key principles and give very clear guidance on the top 10 priorities for eCommerce in the business right now.

The playbook was very comprehensive and the workshops universally well received and have helped create a solid foundation to deliver our eCommerce plans over the next few years. Thanks!

Suntory Beverages
eCommerce Controller

PZ Cussons have worked with Daedal to support our UK eCommerce growth strategy and L&D programmes. Our most recent project leveraged Daedal‘s PACE framework to assess UK personal care and beauty execution performance across bricks / clicks retailers. The project was successful in identifying opportunity and pain points that was articulated clearly in a tangible action plan / roadmap that covered execution fundamentals, activation building blocks with underpinning investment / ROI framework that will deliver meaningful growth.

I would highly recommended Daedal. I thoroughly enjoyed working with their team because have experienced consultants who are knowledgeable, highly engaged but most importantly you can trust them because they have personal experience to support their recommendations.

PZ Cussons
Global Digital Director

We engaged Daedal to work out the best route to market for our brand's European launch. They conducted a comprehensive audit of Amazon and grocery.com retailers in the UK and then demonstrated a very solid understanding of all the key considerations for a successful eCommerce launch.

Their recommendations on strategy were fundamental in shaping our plans to bring our brand to our target consumers and we just want to say muchas gracias.

Go Mate Drinks
CEO and Founder

Many thanks to the Daedal team - a huge amount of prep and time has been devoted to truly understand our market landscape, for both the internal & external sessions, and from this we now have very clear next steps and actions with our biggest B2C customer.

There is no doubt we are the No.1 eCategory partner in this space, and that’s thanks to the structure and expertise you contributed.

eCategory Lead

We have worked with Daedal over an 8 month period, from the identification of priority skills gaps in e-com capability across our teams, designing a framework and approach to systematically meet these needs and embed future plans, as well as a deeper dive and on the job training to really get to grips & improve specific capabilities in our business in the short term.

Marc and Viv’s collaborative and curious approach in understanding our business and people is second to none, and its fair to say the insight and knowledge we have gleamed from them both as part of the project goes well beyond the original brief. Daedal are adaptable, agile & have provided a healthy external mirror for us throughout the project and have been a real catalyst in moving our e-com capability forward at Mars Petcare.

Mars Petcare
Capability Lead

We worked with Daedal over a six month period to define, embed and launch a new strategic approach to eJBPs. eJBPs were identified as a key component in the business to help unlock the potential of the global eGrocery channel, and by working alongside four partner markets throughout the project we were able to develop and test the materials in real time.

Daedal spent a significant amount of time engaging wider stakeholders in the business which really helped conclude the project with a successful global launch. A big thanks to the Daedal team for working with us so closely in this significant eCommerce initiatve.

Diageo Global
eGrocery Lead
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